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Christina - 07.10.2011

So my friend Jen and I were talking a few months ago and she happened to mention that she and Jayd were friends. I was like... Oh... That girl? Psh... she's "pretty good..." and by "pretty good," I mean, "holy crap, that girl is incredible, I am SUCH A FAN." After much internal struggling, I decided to ask for her email address to see if she possibly wanted to do a webcomic with me. The following is an actual excerpt from the email:

"So yeah! Just let me know if you like it/hate it (in regards to a script I attached) and if you maybe want to talk more/punch me in the face? :D Win win either way, really! :D Right!? :D"

I don't know what crack Jayd was smoking, but she actually wrote me back and told me she was interested.

And I am the luckiest person alive because she has been nothing but a dream to work with.

And so... here we are! Showing you our Korean Supernatural thriller/dram-edy story. I've been asked the premise and while I think you guys will catch onto the full scope of the story in the next few pages but I'll go ahead and fill in a few blanks. Basically the majority of the story jumps forward 8 years (starting next upload) and it's really all about Yun Hee hunting down the Kumiho, which has taken on the appearance of her sister, Sun Hee. Revenge story!

Oh, and there's a white guy named Alex who gets caught up in all of it.

Two more notes~ Most of you have probably noticed, we're still working on the site! Eep! Sorry about that and please watch for further improvements in the weeks to come! ANNNND updates will be every Thursday. The goal is to upload 1-2 pages a week, so keep an eye out on Thursdays for updates!

Thanks, guys!

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